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Fumpa Pumps

Fumpa Bike Pump

Fumpa Bike Pump

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Length: 87mm (3.5 inches)
Width: 42mm (1.7 inches)
Height: 73mm (2.9 inches)
Weight: 360 grams (12.7 ounces)

Product Features

Accurate digital pressure gauge (psi, kPa, Bar)
Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valve compatible
1 hour fast charge (USB Type-C)
550mAh battery capacity


Inflates up to 5-6 tyres on a single charge.

120psi max pressure (8.3 Bar).

0-100psi: ~25 seconds (700x25c).

Refer to our pump performance page for comparison between the Fumpa, miniFumpa and nanoFumpa.


1 x Fumpa bike pump
1 x USB Type-C recharge cable
1 x carry bag


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Accurate pumping before you ride. Replace your floor pump with Fumpa. Fast, powerful and accurate.

    Perfect for:
    All bike tyres including motorbike tyres (use with an extension nozzle)

    If you are running latex/polyurethane tubes with plastic valve stems (e.g. Tubolito, Schwalbe Aerothan, Pirelli Cinturato etc), then please purchase the Extension Nozzle or the Elbow Nozzle Kit with your Fumpa pump. The heat generated by Fumpa can melt the valve stems. Alternatively, please use metal presta valve extenders on your tubes.

    The Fumpa bike pump is our most powerful and fastest pump. It is roughly twice as fast as miniFumpa, and roughly 4 times faster than nanoFumpa. 

    Fumpa has now been upgraded to USB Type-C to allow for 1 hour fast charge capabilities. We have also removed Fumpa's old nozzle and tube configuration to make it easier to connect to tyre's valve. This direct connection ensures an easier pumping experience. If the pump is too big to fit between the spokes of your wheel, we recommend purchasing the extension nozzle (sold separately) in our store.

    Fumpa accepts both Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves. Unlike our other pumps, Fumpa comes with an in-built digital pressure gauge that reads the pressure inside the tyre in real time in psi, kPa or Bar units. Every Fumpa pump gauge is individually calibrated to ensure pressure accuracy for the user. 

    The Fumpa bike pump can also be used on motorbike tyres, but please purchase the extension nozzle for this application.

    The Fumpa bike pump is also great for airline travel. If you are planning on going on a cycling holiday, don't take your floor pump, take Fumpa!

    Please refer to our Manuals page for more information on how to use Fumpa. Please refer to our pump comparison page to compare tyre inflation times and weights of each pump we sell.

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