“A great answer to the mini-pump or CO2 cartridge, with fast, easy inflation guaranteed.”

– Mike Stead on miniFumpa, May 2019 @


“A really easy way to get tyres of any size inflated, fast, saving the hassle of carrying/using a track pump.”

– Mike Stead on Fumpa, April 2019 @


Review by Pushys

– August 2018


“We were very impressed by the Fumpa Pump, not only does it inflate tires fast but also accurately and even more impressive was that it has a very compact and portable footprint, this could easily be stowed in a backpack and taken with you on long rides.”

– One Cut Reviews, February 2018 @ OCR


“…we loved knowing that we had effortless pressure in our pack to save us from the dreaded trailside mini-pump forearm burn.”

– miniFumpa model, Mountain Bike Action Magazine, January 2018 Edition


2017 Interbike Product Innovation Award Winner

– miniFumpa model, September 2017


“So what makes this a must-have for the everyday cyclist? With the ability to pump up a 700 x 23c tire in a matter of 40-50 seconds, you have a worry free solution while riding through remote back roads.”

– Michael Marquis commenting on miniFumpa, September 2017 @ iReviews


“Five Stars!”

– Weston commenting on Fumpa, September 2017 @ GadgetFlow


“…as a truly compact and accurate item to put in the toolbox and use for checking pressure and quickly topping up tyres before a ride – I’m sold”

– David Rome commenting on the original Fumpa, January 2017 @ cyclingtips